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Your privacy is a top priority. We are GDPR compliant.

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We are in the process of migrating our email provider to ensure even more privacy protection if you'd decide to contact us. This will be happening by the end of June 2018.

If you decide to contact us then the record of that will be kept for initial contact purposes only. 

If you decide to attend a session the privacy of your material will be discussed in detail and form part of our working contract. 



Counselling is sometimes misunderstood. So to clarify what I understand and am offering the following will aim to explain.

1) It is not about being given advice. I do not know what would be the right thing for you. However I believe that you do. Counselling is about exploring your thoughts and feelings and helping you in discovering what you might like to do.

2) Counselling is confidential. That means you can talk about anything you like and it will not be spoken about elsewhere. There is a significant caveat. My job is to keep people safe and therefore if you share with me that somebody is not safe I will have to break that confidentiality and talk to my safeguarding lead. However this would happen with you full awareness.

3) I have regular supervisor with a more experienced and trained counsellor to make sure my work is appropriate and safe.

4) The time and day of your sessions will be agreed in advance. If you can not make the session please give as much notice as possible but it will not be rescheduled for a different day or time.


If for whatever reasons you have any concerns about my work. The first thing you can do is approach me to talk about it so we can agree a way to work that is appropriate and useful for you. If that still doesn't resolve the problem bthen you can contact the BACP ( Being a member of their professional body gives them oversight and would be able to offer you some guidance and support in going forward.

Counselling has a wealth of research behind it backing up it's claims as an effective approach. However it does not come with any guarantees.  Sometimes the work may require longer or a different counsellor, or different level of intervention, maybe appropriate. If thetis the case I am available to help you to find a different counsellor or help refer to a more appropriate level of service.