Children and Young people

Working with children and young people is different to working with adults. It needs specialist training. I have spent my whole professional life working with this group. From teaching, youth work, and working as a therapist. I work with any age group and demographic however I am specialised in working with the childhood, children and young people.  I have superb knowledge, excellent skills and a wealth of experience in this area.

We find ourselves in a social context where more children and young people are facing significant emotional and mental wellbeing obstacles. 50% percent of GCSE students said their anxiety and stress levels have impacted their school work (January, 2017). We also know that if these are not dealt with the likelihood is that they develop and take firmer hold. Then in adult life the difficulties are much harder to deal with. 

If you are a parent, relative, professional, neighbour, or even a young person it can be difficult to find help. I have spoken to lots of of people who feel they do not know who to turn to, or turn out of desperation to people with the wrong skills. The time delays, the anxiety, the fear, the pain can all build. Here you have found specialist work. Fill out a contact form and I will be in touch.





Difficulties for children and young people

What can we do...

Children and young people, as mentioned in the video above, face a variety of difficulties. The impact of these difficulties can be lifelong and profound. Some of these difficulties are happenstance, or unforeseeable. Death, disease, family breakdown, difficult experiences, family mental health difficulties, all of these impact and effect children and young people. Rather than allowing these difficulties to become entrenched  I am here to use my skills and knowledge to help those children and young people.

By giving children and young people a safe place to explore and express themselves research tells us it gives them the ability to engage better in education, to have more satisfying life experiences, to lower their stress levels, to raise self esteem, and if the video above is accurate potentially even to have a longer life.