a space to be heard


Your mind can be a limitless place. Emotional pain, either current or residual from childhood, can also feel limitless. Like waves in a stormy sea, anxiety can overwhelm you. The desperation, or numbness of depression can feel wider and longer than the barren wasteland of any desert.  Even in such limitlessness we can feel trapped, rooted to the very spot, unable to turn, to even consider another step forward as if the whole world was a constant loop. Whatever your pain or difficulty is you are welcome here.

As a species, we are storytellers and we long to belong. We communicate all the time, we tell stories to each other and to ourselves. We are looking for connection and a way to make sense of reality. Counselling is a space where you can tell your story, where you can talk, draw,sit with someone who is there for you. It is not necessarily an easy process. To face the pain, fear, boredom, or whatever brings you to counselling, can be difficult. To risk telling your reality, the vulnerable story, can be painful. But every part of you is welcome in counselling, all of you has a space to be heard.


Whatever reason that brings you to this page, if nothing else, please take away the possibility that there is help out there. It might not be me, but someone will be able to hear and understand what it is like for you. In  connection, research tells us, there is meaning and hope. 

"Today you are you, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is youer than you"

Dr Suess

Ed Magee, who am I?


a space to be heard

Come to counsellor that is non-judgmental,and here to listen.

It can help to have a series of sessions so that trust can be built up.



£45 — per session



I offer a warm, empathic, thoughtful, and non-judgmental approach. My job is to understand what life is like for you.