A picture is worth a thousand words
— English idiom

How I work


I believe that you are the expert on yourself. I am not here to judge or criticise. I am here to listen and empathise. It is through this process that you can start to feel safe enough to explore what has brought you to counselling. It is only when we feel safe enough that we can risk enough to explore that reason. My job is to help you feel as safe as possible and then to explore your world with you.

It can be daunting and scary to come to counselling, unsure if it will make a difference. However I know, both from personal experience of working with clients and from the research, that if you can risk to share enough then it can make a difference.

I use a variety of approaches when working with clients. From the traditional talk therapy to a variety of other approaches. My room is specifically set up in a way that allows for these approaches. I will be lead by you to work in the way that you need.



Working creatively

There is a significant amount of evidence that working therapeutically can be beneficial for the right client. My location near the m3 on the outskirts of Winchester, means there are a variety of green spaces available in the vicinity. I would meet you at a pre-agreed spot and walk for fifty minutes, regardless of the weather. You would get the same excellent psychotherapeutic service just in the outdoors.

If this is of interest to you, mention it in the contact form. 

There is also a significant amount of research that working creatively can also be a real benefit. It allows for the unconscious to come out without having to be articulate. I have paper, pens, clay, paints, objects, and a sandtray available. Creative expressions can often say more than mere words alone.

If you have never experienced this way of working before it can be daunting. Lots of people worry that they cannot draw but this is not about looking for artistic masterpieces but rather an expression of how you are feeling. 



When working with children, as well as young people and adults, it can be useful to work in a more play based way. I have a variety of games and toys available if that is the appropriate method. 

working outdoors

nature and green space can be seen as a great outpatient department whose therapeutic value is yet to be realised
— Dr Bird